The Company

The word PATTRA means “leaf” in Sanskrit.It is located in the hub of the areca palm tree plantations. It is the brainchild of a family of doctors known for their humanitarian work and use of natural methods. The family’s belief is that it’s easy to be an environmentalist no matter how busy your lifestyle may be. This can be achieved by reducing carbon foot prints when we use sustainable and biodegradable products. This thought process led to the birth of the company PATTRA.

 Besides, ancestral land of areca nut trees ensures constant supply of good quality raw material – one of the best in South Asia.

PATTRA is quality-centric and leaves no stone unturned to ensure the quality of each palm leaf plate with the help of trained and skilled personnel dedicated to quality assurance. With the best infrastructure and least energy consumption, we strive to innovate and produce disposable plates of multitude shapes and sizes to suit every occasion.

 We humans are living as if we had three planets worth of resources to live with instead of one. The earth and humanity are in peril and we are responsible. The concept of PATTRA is our way of making a difference to the environment by producing sustainable products in the form of disposable, environment-friendly dinnerware and dining accessories.

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